White Flag is a lifestyle brand aimed to spark conversations about Jesus Christ through simple designs inspired by biblical truths. Every flag is 100% linen, hand sewn by single mothers in Nashville, and designed in a way to beg the question “what does that mean?”— opening the door to conversation and providing an organic opportunity to share your faith and story of surrender. We believe the most powerful vehicle to share your faith is through story.

After all, Mark 4:33-34 says “Jesus was never without story” and His most profound teachings were told through storytelling. We believe there is so much opportunity for breakthrough and connection when we are vulnerable with our stories sitting with each other and sharing where we’ve been and what makes us who we are.
When we ask questions without fear or judgement, something truly magical happens. We begin to feel seen and known.

Our hope and prayer is that these flags help you share your story by turning a simple question into a conversation. Not only that, but we hope your flag bring a sense of peace and warmth to your safe space, serving as a gentle reminder of His presence in every season of your life. We all have an important story to tell—a testimony of where we have been and where God is taking us.

When someone compliments your flag, be brave and share your story.