May 6, 2019  

“Consider the wildflowers and how they grow…”

Fig. 01 


Introducing our brand new flag - WILDFLOWER.

This one is a personal favorite among our team and we’re so excited to add it to our collection!

This flag is especially dear to us because it’s our first collaborative flag, and it happens to be with one of our favorite artists and friends - Shealeen Louise. We’ve always admired her intricate and delicate work, and we were beyond excited to partner with her and bring this flag to life.

We initially thought about taking one of Shealeen’s existing pieces of artwork and converting it to black and white - but once we did, we realized that it lost a lot of its magic and beauty once the colors disappeared. A painting that is intended to display a spectrum of colors does not always transition well to black and white, especially in this case - where the gradual fades of color didn’t look so captivating in grey. We wanted to represent both Shealeen and White Flag as best as we could, so instead of rushing the process, or attempting to mold it into something it wasn’t, we decided to start from scratch and paint a design with black paint - something Shealeen had never done before!

The result was beautiful, and a first for both of us. It’s safe to say our WILDFLOWER flag is unlike anything else in our collection, and it’s the first of its kind in Shealeen’s as well.

This flag was inspired by Luke 12:27 “Consider the wildflowers, and how they grow. They do not labor or spin, yet I tell you not even King Solomon was dressed like one of these.”

We chose to design a flag around this verse, not only because its one of our all time favorites, but because it’s a beautiful reminder to remember the wildflowers and what they represent. They don’t need instruction, or to know God’s will and purpose for their existence. They don’t ask why, or where, or how. They just bloom, knowing their beauty will unfold naturally. If God is concerned about the wildflowers, the birds of the air, and even the number of hairs on our head, then he is infinitely more concerned about our soul, our welfare, our dreams and desires.

We’re so honored to have this beautiful piece of art in our collection of flags! Welcome to the family, WILDFLOWER.