March 19 2019

“We want to create an environment that helps everyone who encounters us feel at home.”

Fig. 01 


Something old, Something new.

Over the last few months, we teamed up with our friends over at Soul Twin Studio to better capture White Flag and who we are.

Because we are such fans of the “why” behind everything, and never shy away from a good storytelling moment, we wanted to share with you the different elements behind our new look.

First things first.

Did you catch the moving elements on our homepage? This was one of our favorite ideas to execute! One of our goals, both online and at our pop-ups, is to always create an environment that will help everyone who encounters us feel right at home. We wanted to create a cinemagraph with moving elements (such as the curtain moving, and the flag gently blowing,) to spark a feeling of “home,” as if you’ve just walked into a living room.

Next, we wanted to incorporate elements of a newspaper into the overall feel of our online store.

When we created White Flag, a large part of the vision was rooted in a story from World War II - where our founders grandmother, Joanne, used a white table cloth to wave as an act of surrender. Visions of newspaper headlines yelling “Victory!” and “The War Is Over!” played a large role in the idea and concept of White Flag. It felt very natural to bring those elements into our new look through column placement and different typefaces.

Not only are these new elements on our website, but they’re also inside every order! Each flag comes with a verse card and beautifully designed hang tag displaying the elements of each flag.

We’re so excited to enter into this new chapter of White Flag! We feel our online store embodies us and our mission better than ever before.

Like our new look? Be sure to post photos of your flags and verse cards on Instagram and Facebook to let us know.