JAN 22 2017

“It hit me like a tidal wave. I would create white flags inspired by biblical truths.”

Fig. 01 

God gave me a vision.

I still don’t remember if I was awake or asleep.

Maybe I was a little bit of both.

I saw a man walk into a room, gaze at a white flag hanging above a mantle, and become overwhelmed with the love of Jesus.

I can remember feeling the warmth of his encounter on my skin.

I didn’t know what to do with this dream, so I waited.

A couple months went by, my focus went elsewhere, but the vision of that white flag stayed present in my mind.

I began to think about a story that my grandmother had told me about her childhood in Germany during the war.

She doesn’t talk about it often, but when she does, she always mentions a white flag, one she had to wave in order to send a message of surrender and keep her family safe.


This triggered something in me.

I grabbed my bible and began to see the words “banner” and “flag” popping off of the pages, as if they were highlighted specifically for me. I began to remember all of the times I had sung “His banner over me is love” and prayers constantly being publicly prayed, saying “The Lord is my banner." I began to hear the words “we wave our white flag, we surrender all to you,” repeating in my head.

In that moment, it hit me like a tidal wave.

I would create white flags inspired by biblical truths. (con.)

They would be hung in homes and personal spaces as a declaration of faith and symbol of surrender to His will. They would be linen, to represent the linen found in the tomb after Jesus’ resurrection. And they would be minimal in design, to spark curiosity in the minds of anyone who would see them.

They would be conversation starters. They would beg the question “what does that mean?” and “where did you get that flag?”

They would turn compliments and questions into a spark, a doorway, an opportunity to share our stories and the faith that carried us through.

In my own personal journey with faith, I spent many years rejecting the Lord. As a teenager, I didn’t understand the meaning of the cross or connect with the Bible, yet I constantly saw them on display. I didn’t know God or have an intimate relationship with Him, yet I was constantly being told who He was without having experienced Him myself.

I didn’t know what questions to ask or how to ask them, and I remember feeling unsafe to share my doubts and fears. Somewhere in my heart, I desired connection. I desired a spark.

White Flag is that spark. It offers a gentle, more organic way to introduce Jesus and His goodness in your life to anyone who enters your home, leaving room for them to ask questions and seek answers in the way God wants us to seek Him.

It’s a way to engage with one another and share your stories. Real, authentic conversation that don’t involve a screen. Something we’re all a little desperate for these days.

Not only does it spark those conversations, but it serves as a gentle reminder of who you are and who’s you are.