JAN 25 2017

“So why Sunday, the 22nd? His timing, not ours.”

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We launched White Flag on a Sunday.

Statistically, Sunday is the slowest day of the week for social media and internet activity. It’s the day that you will be least likely to see the announcement that our store has "just gone live.”

So why did we choose this day?

From the very beginning, I had felt it in my heart that we were supposed to introduce White Flag to the world on a Sunday.

What many of you may not know is our original launch date was October 9th. But, the Lord made it clear that we needed to wait.

Although I am grateful we took the extra time to get our website and production in order, I was incredibly frustrated. When you create something, you start to become restless at the thought of sharing it with those around you. And that’s what I was.


I would look around and see my insanely talented friends releasing new music, new artwork, new projects, etc. But we were continually told to wait. With each new launch date we had set (two in November, one in December, and another at the beginning of January) the Lord kept telling us it wasn’t time.

So, we waited.

At the beginning of the month, we talked on the phone about our new potential launch date, hoping whatever we decided would finally be the one. As we mapped out the Sunday’s that were available to us (due to traveling schedules and such,) we finally settled on the 22nd.

Everything was in order, and we were ready. And this time.... it just felt right.

A few days later, I received a text message from a friend that said....

“The Hebrew alphabet is made up of 22 letters, which are used to compose the Word of God. The Word of God is called a lamp, thus it is the light by which we are to live. The word “light” is found 264 times in scripture. When 264 is divided by 12 (divine authority) we have 22, which represents light.

God created 22 things in the 6 days of creation.

There are 22 books in the Aaronic (Levitical) Old Testament, which is the light of God for Israel.

There are 22 generations from Adam to Jacob.

When Moses raised up the tabernacle of God, there were exactly 22,000 Levites consecrated to serve.

Light is used 22 times in the Gospel of John. The 22nd time John uses the word, he quotes Jesus: “I have come as a light into the world.” (John 12:46)”

So why Sunday, the 22nd? His timing, not ours.