OCT 23 2018

“The biggest compliment we received was that we had created a safe space for people to land.”

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Magnolia Silobration 2018


This week, we had the honor of spending four days in Waco, Texas with Magnolia and their incredible team. It’s difficult to capture our experience and put it into words. In a way, it feels like we are doing a disservice by reducing all of those special and unforgettable moments to a few paragraphs. But there’s something sacred about the corners we will inevitably miss as we share a glimpse into our time there.

If you followed along through Instagram, you saw bits and pieces of our week, but what you didn’t see were the stories, hugs, laughs, tears, and ultimately — the community. It truly was the most magical week, and we are so honored to have been a small part.

Leading up to our time there, we encountered a lot of resistance and unexpected obstacles that almost prevented us from making the trip.

Hurricane Florence had hit Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, forcing all of it’s residents to evacuate on short notice — unexpectedly stalling all of our production.

Back in Nashville, some packages were delayed, while others arrived damaged or incorrect.

Our team was under an immense amount of stress trying to keep up with what needed to be checked off, returned, or exchanged.

There were days we were overwhelmed and discouraged, but we just continued to lean in and pray — not only that we would make our way down there, despite the literal floods and setbacks, but that our space would allow people to breathe in deep and feel seen.

Our biggest prayer leading up to the event was that our little corner at Silobration would feel like “home,” even if we didn’t have a single flag to sell or our space didn’t look how we envisioned it, we would still show up and love on the people we met.

Thankfully, the hurricane passed within a week and our wonderful Lead Seamstress, Holly, made sure all of our flags were delivered safely while our local screen printer, Kellen, took on our largest restock to date in a matter of days — making sure every flag was printed and ready for Silobration.

We finally pulled everything together days before we had planned to leave for Waco, only to find out Hurricane Michael was headed straight for Texas. (You read that right. TWO hurricanes, not one.)

Once we arrived in Texas, we made a quick run to the local Wal-Mart to grab a few painter’s tarps to protect the sides of our booth from water leaking in. Thankfully, we were able to tie each tarp to every side before the torrential downpour hit and shut down the market a few hours early.

The first couple days of Silobration were flooded and frigid (literally, we had to air our rugs out at the end of every day from being soaked in a few inches of water,) but the sunshine showed up with the weekend and the last two days were absolutely beautiful.

We started each day with a Cowboy latte from Common Grounds coffee shop, and ended each day listening to JohnnySwim and Drew Holcomb under twinkling lights, reflecting on all of the stories we heard and the humans we encountered.

We met a woman who had just lost her son to suicide, a wonderful couple who was in the midst of adopting a little boy with Down Syndrome from China, a woman who had just lost her husband and wandered into our space with two of her daughters, a man who just lost his friend in the war overseas — people of all ages and races walked into our tent and just cried as we explained the story of White Flag and what each of our flags meant, while they told us all about their own stories and how they came to know Jesus. It was beautiful, and unlike any experience we’ve ever had.

The biggest compliment we received was that we had created a safe space for people to land — inviting everyone in and helping them feel seen and known while they shared their valleys and mountaintops with us. Someone said to us “you let people just be where they are, and that’s important.” Someone else said that our space “felt like home,” and they could “breathe deep” inside.

Someone else said they “felt Holy Spirit the minute they walked in.” Tearing up just writing about it.

Thank you to Chip and Joanna Gaines for creating a space for people to show up and rest. Thank you, Magnolia, for inviting us to be a part of such a magical week. We will never forget it.


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